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Want to know *all* your choices for November before you vote strategically in August?

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Well, then, this may be a better place to come than the Bureau of Elections Website.  As my campaign Facebook page mentions, the Bureau has a page for listing candidates who have already qualified for the general election — they’ve had it since late March, in fact.  But they haven’t used it, even though they’ve known about me and the other nominees coming out of the Green Party of Michigan’s June 7-8 state convention for a month now.  Heck, they’ve known about the Libertarian nominees for almost two months; their convention was May 17!  Even the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan has had its nomination paperwork in for a week and more since its June 28 convention.

Now, 46% of voters polled by Gallup last month identified themselves as neither Republicans nor Democrats.   (And the percentage has been going up over the past ten years; it could top 50% soon.)  For them (well, us) and for all the Democrats and Republicans who also want to consider voting strategically in the August 5 primaries — in short, For the People — I have created the chart posted here:

chart of alternative candidates for 2014 (latest)

(The chart is posted here because I can’t post it at Facebook; it’s a 6-page PDF document in landscape format.)

It’s based on party Websites, news reports, and the state’s campaign-finance database.  It even has my best guesses for which of the absolutely independent (NPA = “No Party Affiliation”) candidates with active campaign committees are actually running in 2014.  I’ve been in contact with the other alternative party on the Michigan ballot, the Natural Law Party, and hope to update the chart with their nominees if and when.  If anyone else has updated information, please contact me.  And that includes information that the Bureau has finally activated its own general-election candidates page here.

(Incidentally, the Secretary of State could have this information posted at the polls on primary election day — if she considers it “necessary”.  More on the provision of state law that makes this possible, and how else it could be used For the People, soon.)

In the meantime, here is a one-page PDF “Opinion For the People” document on this issue.


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