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Even somewhat-random acts of kindness can have unforeseen consequences. . . .

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You may have heard the story of “Captain Pizza”, a Frontier Airlines pilot who found himself and his passengers unexpectedly grounded for an hour and a half in Wyoming and ordered in Domino’s pizza for everybody.  I heard it on All Things Considered yesterday.


Corporate detour, kind thoughts, cute tagline of a happy ending for (almost) everyone . . . great story, no?

Well, not quite as happy for anyone on the flight who was lactose- or gluten-intolerant, or had celiac disease.  Or vegans, for that matter.

And the ending might not have been nearly as happy if my sister had been on board that flight.

She is *severely* allergic to the sweeteners in some commercial pizza chains’ sauces. She’d have had to evacuate the plane as soon as the pizza came on board. Which is why, while I respect and appreciate Captain Brandner’s kind thoughts, I also have to wonder what arrangements he or Frontier would have made for her to get where she was going on another flight.


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